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Darren Paul Fisher is a feature film screenwriter,[1] producer[2] and director.[3] Fisher is also the Head of Film, Screen and Creative Media at Bond University.[4]


Fisher's first film, Inbetweeners was released by Universal in 2001 and was the first British commercial film to be shot on Digital Video.[5] It was panned by Peter Preston of The Observer.[6] His second film, the 2007 teen-comedy Popcorn starred British soap stars Jack Ryder and Jodi Albert, was distributed by MovieHouse,[7] and was panned by Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.[8]

His third film, OXV: The Manual, a science fiction romance[9] created on a low budget[10] and later retitled Frequencies,[11] premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal[2] where it won two awards, Most Innovative Film and the Silver Award for Best International Film.[12] The US premiere was at the Austin Film Festival[10] where it won the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature (Dark Matters).[13] The film was favorably reviewed by The Hollywood Reporter,[2] Ain't It Cool News,[14] and Indiewire,[15] although This is Famous criticized the storyline.[16] Unlike Fisher's first two films, Frequencies has generated praise from reviewers for the creativity of Fisher's script.[17]



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