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FoundedDungarvan, Co. Waterford
Defunct2007 (2007)
Key people
Brendan Darrer[1]

Darrers Stores was a department store and supermarket brand with outlets in Waterford, Dungarvan, Tramore and Carlow, in Ireland.[1] Operating as a grocers and drapers,[2] Darrers was reputedly one of the first stores to introduce the concept of a free plastic shopping bag. In some parts of Waterford and Carlow, "Darrers Bag" became a synonym for "plastic shopping bag",[3] and retained meme status following the store's closure.[4]

The store in Carlow closed in 2007 having traded on the main street, Tullow Street, for 40 years.[5] It followed the closure of the Waterford store earlier in the 2000s.


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