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For other people named Darryl Morris, see Darryl Morris (disambiguation).
Darryl Morris
Charmed character
Handsome, robust man with short dark hair, beard and moustache in white turtleneck shirt and tan jacket
Dorian Gregory as Darryl
First appearance October 7, 1998
(episode 1.01; "Something Wicca This Way Comes")
Last appearance May 22, 2005
(episode 7.22; "Something Wicca This Way Goes")
Created by Constance Mary. Burge
Portrayed by Dorian Gregory
Species Human
Occupation Police Inspector
Darryl Morris Jr. (son)
Michael Morris (son)
Luther Morris (father)
Spouse(s) Sheila Morris (divorced)

Darryl Morris is a fictional character on the WB television series Charmed. He was portrayed by Dorian Gregory.


A lieutenant (promoted from inspector) in the San Francisco Police Department, he was once the partner of inspector Andy Trudeau. Darryl has a wife named Sheila and two sons, Darryl Jr. and Michael. His father's name is Luther Morris.[episodes 1]

Darryl followed in his father's huge footsteps by pursuing a career in law enforcement.[episodes 1] At first Darryl is suspicious of the Halliwell sisters' recurring connection to mysterious murders and crimes. However, Andy tells him what the sisters are in the penultimate episode of season one. A few months after his partner's death, the Halliwells reveal to him that they are really good witches trying to bring justice and protection to the world. Over the years, he helps them cover up unsolved cases related to demonic activity, granting them favours and giving them general support, even if it was just by visiting Piper after Leo had become an elder.

However, when he is nearly killed by the Cleaners covering up for The Charmed Ones' magic, he falls out with them over the risks he takes.[episodes 2] Although after, he still continues to do them favors, and never blows their secret. During the seventh season he is threatened to be exposed by his colleague Sheridan, but she is killed by Zankou and the sisters are presumed dead after an explosion at their house, meaning that nothing is ever proved. However he doesn't believe that they are dead and says that there must be another way out. He sees three women and a man walking near the house, and one of them (Phoebe) gives him a look and he realises that they have survived. This is his last appearance on Charmed, as Darryl's wife Sheila forces him to move to another state in order to start afresh.[episodes 3]

At one time, Phoebe and Paige somehow took his soul, albeit unwillingly, in order to get Leo out of Valhalla. Although initially he did not agree, once they had his soul he helped Leo as much as he could, proving his loyalty. Happily shortly after they escaped, more warriors from Valhalla came accidentally with them, which lead into him being attacked. He was later healed by Leo. Later on in the season, after the incident with his death penalty, he did not cover up for Chris, when stealing a car to chase an evil version of Mr Right. In season seven, he does not help the sisters, because he was too old.He works with Inspector Sheridan, who knows that the sisters are hiding something. He didn't help the sisters, but at the same time, he did not reveal their secret.

Darryl moved to the East Coast after season seven, and contact with the sisters is non-regular and not on screen. He makes his return later in the Charmed comics.

Season 8 Disappearance[edit]

According to Brad Kern, the reason Darryl did not show up in Season 8 was due to budget cuts on the show, which also limited the appearance of Leo. In season 8 it is said that he and his family moved away. [1]

Episode footnotes[edit]

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