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The Dartmouth Sportsplex is an indoor sports and community centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, opened 1982. It houses an arena, two swimming pools with water slides, and other fitness, leisure and events facilities. It is managed by the Dartmouth Sportsplex Community Association, a non-profit organization which runs the facility on behalf of the Regional Council.


The site was formerly home to the Dartmouth Arena, which was built in 1950 and burned down on 16 May 1974. The Sportsplex opened in 1982 through community efforts. A management agreement between the municipality and the Dartmouth Sportsplex Community Association was signed in 1998, and has been renewed every year since.[1]


The arena has a capacity of 3,000 for hockey and 3,500 for stage events. It has been home to various junior, senior and minor and high school hockey teams. It also hosts occasional trade shows and concerts. The complex also houses a 25 metre, eight lane swimming pool, home to the Dartmouth Whalers and Dartmouth Crusaders swim clubs, as well as a smaller teaching pool.

Other facilities include meeting and community rooms, racquetball and squash courts, a running track, water slides, saunas, and a canteen. Planning is presently underway to expand the Sportsplex to host a new community gymnasium, improved fitness facilities, a new entrance lobby, improved provisions for youth and the disabled, and to generally refresh existing facilities.[2]

Clubs and events hosted[edit]


The facility is adjacent to the newly-rebuilt Halifax Transit Bridge Terminal, the busiest public transport hub in the city serving 24 different transit routes.[4]


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