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Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science (DUJS)  
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Edited byKevin Kang, Hae-Lin Cho
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R.C. Brayshaw & Co. (United States)
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Dartm. Undergrad. J. Sci.
ISSN2167-7883 (print)
2167-7891 (web)
OCLC no.793528773

The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science is the official open access science journal of Dartmouth College, publishing original scientific research, multidisciplinary review articles, and science news.[1][2] In May 2001, the journal was recognized by Nature as a model undergraduate science journal.[3]

The journal is published quarterly in print and online, and weekly science news articles are also made available on "DUJS Online".[4] The Fall 2012 edition introduced its first annual International Science Essay Contest.[5]


The journal was started in 1998 by Tim Lesle, Soon Hyouk Lee, Arvindh Kanagasundram, and Amar Dhand and established with the publication of the first issue in the Spring of 1999.[6][7][8] The journal expanded its impact on campus over the next few years[citation needed] and launched its website, DUJS Online, to feature more frequent science news articles covering events at Dartmouth and select publications by Dartmouth faculty. In 2012, the journal further expanded its outreach through a partnership with the Undergraduate Office of Admissions and hosted its first International Science Essay Competition for high school students.

Current Editor-in-Chief[edit]

Kevin Kang

Past presidents[edit]

The following persons have been president of the journal:[9]

  • Samuel Reed
  • Sumita Strander
  • James R. Howe, VI
  • Scott W. Gladstone
  • Derek R. Racine
  • Yoo Jung Kim
  • Daniel K. Lee, Jr.
  • Andrew H. Zureick
  • Alice (Shu) Pang
  • Hannah L. Payne
  • Colby Chiang
  • William Schpero
  • Frank Glaser
  • Jacob Goldberg


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