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Daryl L. Thompson is an American inventor and entrepreneur whose work focuses on health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Life and career[edit]

Since 2006, Daryl L. Thompson has served as the president and director of research of ATM Metabolics LLC, Winter Haven, FL, which specializes in the development of food supplements and pharmaceuticals naturally derived from phyto-chemical platforms aimed at preventing and reversing metabolic and neurological diseases.

Thompson was a founder, partner, and served as senior vice president and director of research at Solution Health Systems, Boca Raton, FL, from 2003 to 2006. During that time, he launched one of GNC’s (General Nutrition Centers, Inc.) highest-selling food supplements, the Grapefruit Solution.

In 2000, Thompson was recognized for designing a non-invasive glucose meter and received the Diabetes World Humanitarian Award from the Diabetes Research Center.

Inventions and Patents[edit]

Thompson has successfully developed, patented, and marketed:

• A retroviral agent, Patent # 6,319,711[1] Composition and method for inhibiting reverse transcript of a retrovirus and Patent #6,090,602[2] Levo-monosaccharide in a nucleoside analog for use as an anti-retroviral agent

• A non-invasive blood glucose measuring device

• The Grapefruit Solution, a nutraceutical grapefruit-based compound which provides clinically documented weight loss without a change in diet or exercise.

• A natural-based food supplement and pharmaceutical that buffers the sugar in foods and drinks to make foods safer for diabetics and healthier for the population at large.

Thompson recently submitted a patent application for a product that will treat and defend against neurological disease.


The Grapefruit Solution: Lower Your Cholesterol, Lose Weight and Achieve Optimal Health with Nature’s Wonder Fruit (LINX Corp., 2004), with M. Joseph Ahrens


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