Date shake

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Date shake
Course Beverage
Place of origin United States
Region or state Coachella Valley
Created by Russ Nicholl
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Dates, ice cream
Variations Fresh, sugar crystal
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The date shake is a Milkshake primarily flavored with dates. It became one of the iconic symbols of Palm Springs and surrounding desert.[1][2]


Dates and sheep-milk were an important Arabic foodstuff for hundreds of years.[3] Dates grew well in the low California desert, but were not a widespread American food.

In 1928, Russ Nichol[4] and his family built a roadside shack near Thermal, California. A few years later, this shack was expanded and named Valerie Jean after Russ' daughter. With electricity and refrigeration, the Nichols were able to offer the malt and milkshake combinations blended with their supply of dates.[5]