Daughters of Today

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Daughters of Today
Directed byShankradev Arya
Produced byG. K. Mehta
StarringA. R. Kardar
Wilayat Begum
M. Ismael
Vijay Kumar
Ghulam Qadir
G. K. Mehta
Release date
  • 1928 (1928)
CountryBritish India now modern day Pakistan
LanguageSilent Film

Daughters of Today was a 1928 silent film from Lahore, in present-day Pakistan (then British India). It was produced by G.K Mehta and directed by Shankradev Arya.[1]

This was the first feature film made in Lahore, and helped to establish the city of Lahore as one of the centers of filming in British India and modern Pakistan. The Lahore film industry is now known as Lollywood. Production started in 1924 and took three years to complete, mainly due to financial problems.

Two participants later became prominent personalities of the South Asian film industry: A.R. Kardar was one of the most famous Bombay film directors in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s; and actor M. Ismael's film career spanned over five decades.


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