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Dave Hitchcock is a former record producer working with Genesis, Caravan, Camel, Curved Air and Renaissance.[1]


David Hitchcock worked in A&R as a staff producer at Decca Records before becoming an independent record producer. He worked with Decca Records and Charisma Records and formed the company Gruggy Woof Productions.[2]

Hitchcock later retrained as a chartered accountant with KPMG with the aim of becoming someone who could provide financial advice for musicians. He then joined Ernst & Young's Entertainment & Media Group. In 1992 he left to manage the business affairs of Monty Python[3] before founding his own accountancy business, DBM Ltd, "For artists, producers, writers and other creatives - 85% of what we do is music-related."[4]

Some albums produced by David Hitchcock[5][edit]


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