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David Ross "Dave" Rugendyke (born 3 April 1953) is an Australian politician and was a member of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly elected to the multi-member of Ginninderra for the Osborne Independent Group. Rugendyke was elected on the Osborne Independents ticket at the 1998 general election but sat as an independent in the Assembly.[1] He sought re-election at the 2001 general election on his own ticket, but was unsuccessful.[2]

Prior to Rugendyke entering politics, he was a police officer.[3] Together with Osborne, Rugendyke entered politics on a social justice and welfare platform, not the anti-gay marriage and pro-life platform of his running mate - Osborne.[4][5] Rugendyke is best known for the part he played in ousting Kate Carnell, then Chief Minister, for failing to properly appropriate funds for the Bruce Stadium construction.[citation needed]


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