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David Abbasi
Occupationauthor, journalist, Islamologist
Years activeHassan Abbasi, Siyavash Awesta, Persian: حسن عباسی
Known formitraic diary

Hassan Abbasi (Persian: حسن عباسی‎), also known as David Abbasi or Siyavash Awesta, is a Persian-French writer, journalist, and Islamologist. He lives in Paris[1] and was born to Zahra Mirzai (mother) and Sheikh Abbas Abbasi (father).



Abbasi has been the announcer for the radio station "Ici et Maintenant"[2] since 1986. In that time period, he has done more than 7000 hours of interviews and shows and interviewed several international personalities like Jacques Chirac, Laurent Fabius, Daniel Gélin, Henri Caillavet, José Bové, Mehdi Bazargan, Castro, Pierre Henry, Pierre Marion, Ari Ben Menashe, Eli Barnavi, Enrico Macias, Général Paris, Jean Pierre Raffarin, and François Lebel.[3] He also founded Mehr television in the year 2000.[4]


Abbasi has written more than 100 books and 2,000 articles. In 1990, he invented the mitraic diary which he publishes each year.[5] He has also written three books on this subject in multiple languages.[6][7][8] He organized and produced more than 200 artistic programs, plays and festivals about the Eiffel Tower, Bois de Boulogne, Palais des congrès of Versailles, Théâtre de Paris, Casino de Paris, Theatre ADYAR, and Auditorium of Châtelet.[9]


  • "Arts Sciences Lettres"[10]- Gold Plate
  • "Grand Prix Humanitaire de France"[11] – Gold Medal
  • "Mérite et Dévouement Français"[12]

Several international personalities have written articles in his favor,[13] especially senator Henri Caillavet (father of the French modern laicity), who wrote a foreword for the book entitled "Women and Wars in Political Islam".[14]


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