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David Barnett
Born 11 January 1970

David Barnett (born 11 January 1970) is an English journalist and author. He has several published books, including Hinterland (Immanion Press, 2005, re-issued 2008), Angelglass (Immanion Press, 2007) and The Janus House and Other Two-Faced Tales (Immanion Press, 2009). Born in Wigan, Lancashire, England, he has worked at the Telegraph & Argus.



Short stories[edit]

  • The End of the World Show (Postscripts magazine, published Winter 2006) - giant lizards attacking Tokyo and asteroids and zombies.
  • Go (You Are Here, Redbeck Press, September 2006) - about the ghost of Jack Kerouac
  • It's Nice But I Wouldn't Want To Die Here (Visionary Tongue magazine, April 2006)
  • What Would Nite-Owl Do? (All Saints No Sinners Magazine, 2006)
  • State of Grace (Postscripts, PS Publishing, issue ten, Summer 2007)
  • Woman's Work (in Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, Titan Books, 2013)


Under the pen name "Sax", David Barnett wrote stories for two short story comics. Both featured the open-source character, Jenny Everywhere.[1]


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