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David Bivin

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David Bivin
BornJuly 20, 1939
SpouseJosa Bivin [1]

David N. Bivin (born July 20, 1939, in Cleveland, Oklahoma) is an Israeli-American biblical scholar, member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research. His role at the Jerusalem School involves publishing the journal Jerusalem Perspective and organizing seminars.


Jerusalem Perspective[edit]

Along with Jeffrey Magnuson, Bivin founded Jerusalem Perspective in 1987 as a monthly, four-page newsletter. Later it became a quarterly, forty-page, full-color magazine. From 1987-1999, Jerusalem Perspective published fifty-six print issues,[2] after which it transitioned to an online-only distribution format.[3] Bivin serves as its publisher and editor.[4]


Bivin's work sometimes involves taking a Greek phrase from the Bible, attempting to uncover what the underlying Hebrew idiom would have been, and then translating and interpreting the idiom, in other words relating a Greek text to its Hebrew equivalent, then translating it to English.


David Bivin immigrated to Israel in 1963. Bivin served as a sergeant in an Israeli army reserve infantry unit from 1974 to 1991. He and his wife currently reside in a suburb of Jerusalem, Israel.



  • Bivin, David; Bivin, Josa (1972). Hebrew 40: translations, units 1-40. Mount Zion, Israel: American Institute of Holy Land Studies.
  • ———; Goldfarb, Robert (1977). Fluent Biblical and Modern Hebrew. Jerusalem: The American Upland. OCLC 4677922.
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Journals edited[edit]

  • Jerusalem perspective Online. Jerusalem, Israel: David Bivin, 1999-now.
  • Jerusalem perspective : a monthly report on research into the words of Jesus. Jerusalem, Israel: David Bivin, 1987-1999.

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