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David Boyd Haycock (born 1968 in Banbury, Oxfordshire)[1] is a British writer of non-fiction. He is the author of Paul Nash (2002),[2] William Stukeley (2002),[3] Mortal Coil (2008)[4] and A Crisis of Brilliance: Five Young British Artists and the Great War (2009), a group biography of the artists Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler, Dora Carrington and C.R.W. Nevinson, all of whom were students together at the Slade School of Art in London.[5] He lives in Oxford.[6]

A Crisis of Brilliance was nominated in the "Best Non-Fiction Book" category at the 2010 Writers' Guild of Great Britain awards.[6] An exhibition based on the book opened at Dulwich Picture Gallery in June 2013. His most recent book is I Am Spain: The Spanish Civil War and the Men and Women who went to Fight Fascism (2012).


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