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Dave Castell
Blowed my ears off.jpg

Castell in the studio with Toadies/Burden Brothers frontman, Vaden Todd Lewis.
April 22, 2008; Ft Worth, Texas.
Photo by Scogin Mayo, courtesy of www.scoginmayo.com [1]
Background information
BornOctober 9
OriginDallas, Texas, USA
Occupation(s)Music producer
Recording engineer,
Mixing engineer,
and Mastering engineer;
Songwriter, Arranger, Programmer and Musician
Associated actsToadies, Burden Brothers, Blue October, SouthFM,
Ten Hands, Blowing Trees
Shock of Pleasure, Pallor

David Castell is an American record producer, musician, and recording engineer based in Dallas, Texas.

Castell’s recording career spans nearly three decades; his work with many major record labels and independent labels alike includes both platinum-selling national recording artists and unsigned regional acts, and a wide range of musical genres.

He has been instrumental in career albums of Blue October, Burden Brothers, Course of Empire, Deep Blue Something, and SouthFM.

In spring 2008, Castell began production of the Toadies’ album No Deliverance, which was released on August 19th, 2008, on Kirtland Records.

After two years of collaboration with DFW-based electronic band Shock of Pleasure, their first full-length album Its About Time, was released on September 16th, 2008, by Universal Music Group, produced by David Castell.

Blue October's two disc set, Foiled For The Last Time, features a re-release of "Calling You", also produced by David Castell. Castell has also been named as the producer of Blue October's forthcoming 7th studio album Sway.[1]



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