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This article is about the Cardiff mathematician. For the Bristol mathematician, see David Evans (mathematician). For other people named David or Dave Evans, see David Evans (disambiguation).

David E. Evans is a professor of mathematics at Cardiff University, specialising in knot theory. He has published a number of books, many in collaboration with Yasuyuki Kawahigashi. He studied at New College, Oxford and Jesus College, Oxford.[1] In 1989, Evans won the London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize.[1][2]

Notable published works[edit]

  • Quantum Symmetries on Operator Algebras (David E. Evans and Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, published 21 May 1998) One of the first books to examine post-1981 combinatorial-algebraic developments with respect to operator algebras. Intended for an audience of graduate students and researchers of the field.[3]
  • Integrable lattice models for conjugate A^(1)_n (David E. Evans and R. E. Behrend, published 2004 in J. Phys. A) Evans's most recently published paper.[4]


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