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David E. Evans is a professor of mathematics at Cardiff University, specialising in knot theory. He has published a number of books, many in collaboration with Yasuyuki Kawahigashi. He studied at New College, Oxford and Jesus College, Oxford.[1] In 1989, Evans won the London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize.[1][2]

Notable published works[edit]

  • Quantum Symmetries on Operator Algebras (David E. Evans and Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, published 21 May 1998) One of the first books to examine post-1981 combinatorial-algebraic developments with respect to operator algebras. Intended for an audience of graduate students and researchers of the field.[3]
  • Integrable lattice models for conjugate A^(1)_n (David E. Evans and R. E. Behrend, published 2004 in J. Phys. A) Evans's most recently published paper.[4]


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