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David Engwicht at the 2003 Velo-city conference in Paris

David Engwicht (born 23 November 1950) is a social innovator and a significant international leader of efforts to reduce the negative impacts of motor vehicle traffic on cities and towns. He is a proponent of shared space schemes. He is considered one of the fathers of traffic calming and claims to be the inventor of the Walking bus, Street reclamation, and the Universal Anchoring Device. He is author of several books including three broadly available books Reclaiming our Cities and Towns: Better Living through Less Traffic (1993), Street Reclaiming: Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities (1999), and Mental Speed Bumps: The smarter way to tame traffic (2005).

Engwicht (pronounced eng-wich) became involved in traffic control from completely outside the fields of transportation planning and engineering. His writings on the social and economic value of cities are lucid and well-referenced. His writing can be seen as describing a major dilemma of technics-out-of-control in the second half of the 20th century. His newer writings and his workshops are rich with ideas and inspirations for communities to reclaim control over an abandoned public realm.[citation needed]

A resident of Brisbane, Australia, Engwicht lectures worldwide on transportation, community, and creativity.

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