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David H. Lyth

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Professor David Lyth (21 June 1940) is a researcher in particle cosmology at the University of Lancaster. He has published over 165 papers as well as two books on early universe cosmology and cosmological inflation.[1]


He is noted for his work in the area of inflation model building and the observational consequences of models of inflation. In 1997, he discovered the Lyth bound which relates the tensor-scalar ratio of perturbations in the CMB to the variation of the inflaton field during inflation.[2][3] He proposed the Curvaton Scenario in 2001, with David Wands of Portsmouth University.[1] He was awarded the Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize in 2012.


  • Cosmological Inflation and Large Scale Structure (2000), with Andrew Liddle, ISBN 0-521-57598-2
  • The Primordial Density Perturbation (2009), with Andrew Liddle, ISBN 0-521-82849-X
  • Cosmology for Physicists (2016)
  • The History of the Universe (2016)


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