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David Levine
Born 1960 (age 57–58)
Nationality British
Occupation Music, portrait and fashion photographer
Years active 1977-
Known for Work with Culture Club, ABC, The Cure, Kylie Minogue, Steve Strange and Tim Pope.

David Levine (born 1960)[1][2] is a British music, portrait and fashion photographer. He is best known for his work with Culture Club, ABC, Kylie Minogue and The Cure.

Levine started his career in 1977 while working as a photographer's assistant. He went on to photograph artists live in concert and worked as a stills photographer on music videos with the director Tim Pope. As well as working with Culture Club, Levine also worked with a number of other 1980s acts including ABC, The Cure, Kylie Minogue, Jermaine Jackson, 5 Star, and Siouxsie Sioux.[3] Levine quickly established a style of work in the studio, much copied by other music photographs in the 80's and indeed today his influence can still be seen. That style earned him the nickname 'The man who shot the 80's'.

Levine's 2009 portrait of Paul Nicholls is held in the National Portrait Gallery.[2] Levine is currently lecturing on The Art of Fashion and Beauty Photography and Film at the University of Arts London, London College of fashion.[4]

He is the younger brother of record producer Steve Levine.


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