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David Lindenmayer talking about the preservation of Leadbeater's possum in Melbourne on 27 November 2012.

David Lindenmayer, AO, is an Australian scientist and academic. He is an expert in landscape ecology, conservation and biodiversity. His areas of expertise also include environmental management, forestry management and environment, terrestrial ecology, wildlife and habitat management, environmental monitoring, forestry fire management, natural resource management, zoology and forestry sciences.[1]

Lindenmayer is a Professor of Ecology and Conservation Biology at the Australian National University's Fenner School of Environment and Society. He has published widely (over 565 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and 39 books) on a wide range of topics associated with forestry, woodlands, wildlife and biodiversity conservation and ecologically sustainable natural resource management. His areas of expertise also include environmental management, forestry management and environment, terrestrial ecology, wildlife and habitat management, environmental monitoring, forestry fire management, natural resource management, zoology and forestry sciences,[1] with a particular focus on the endangered Leadbeater's possum.[2] His work on wildlife conservation and biodiversity has, for many years, led world research in this area. [3] Lindenmayer's conservation and biodiversity research has been recognised through numerous awards, including the Eureka Science Prize, and the Australian Natural History Medallion by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.[4] He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia "for distinguished service to conservation and the environment in the field of landscape ecology, to tertiary education, and to professional organisations".[5]

Academic career[edit]

  • 2013 Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship
  • 2008 FAA - Elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
  • 2003 DSc - The Australian National University. Accepted May 2003; conferred December 2003
  • 1990 PhD - The Australian National University: "The ecology and habitat requirements of Leadbeater's Possum"
  • 1986 DipEd - University of Adelaide
  • 1982 BSc - The Australian National University


Lindenmayer has published over 565 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He has authored over 39 books either solely or in collaboration with others, including

  • 2015 Mountain Ash: Fire, Logging and the Future of Victoria's Giant Forests CSIRO Publishing
  • 2015 Indicators and Surrogates of Biodiversity and Environmental Change CSIRO Publishing
  • 2014 Ten Commitments Revisited: Securing Australia's Future Environment CSIRO Publishing
  • 2014 Booderee National Park. The Jewel of Jervis Bay CSIRO Publishing
  • 2013 Melbourne's Water Catchments. Perspectives on a world class water supply CSIRO Publishing
  • 2011 Planting for Wildlife: A Practical Guide to Restoring Native Woodlands. CSIRO Publishing
  • 2011 What Makes a Good Farm for Wildlife? CSIRO Publishing
  • 2010 Forest Phoenix. How a Great Forest Recovers After Wildfire CSIRO Publishing
  • 2010 Reptiles of the NSW Murray Catchment: A Guide to Their Identification, Ecology and Conservation CSIRO Publishing
  • 2010 Effective Ecological Monitoring CSIRO Publishing
  • 2009 Australia’s Biodiversity and Climate Change CSIRO Publishing
  • 2009 Large-Scale Landscape Experiments. Lessons from Tumut Cambridge University Press
  • 2009 Forest Pattern and Ecological Process: A Synthesis of 25 Years of Research CSIRO Publishing
  • 2008 Salvage Logging and Its Ecological Consequences CSIRO Publishing
  • 2007 On Borrowed Time. Australia’s Biodiversity Crisis CSIRO Publishing and Penguin
  • 2007 Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional Blackwells Publishers
  • 2006 Habitat Fragmentation and Landscape Change Island Press
  • 2006 Life in the Tall Eucalypt Forests New Holland Publishers
  • 2005 Woodlands: A Disappearing Landscape CSIRO Publishing
  • 2005 Practical Conservation Biology CSIRO Publishing
  • 2004 Trees and Biodiversity. A Guide for Farm Forestry Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • 2003 Wildlife on Farms. How to Conserve Native Animals CSIRO Publishing
  • 2002 Wildlife, Fire and Future Climate: A forest ecosystem analysis CSIRO Publishing
  • 2002 Conserving Forest Biodiversity: A Comprehensive Multiscaled Approach Island Press
  • 2002 Gliders of Australia. A Natural History University of NSW Press
  • 2002 Tree Hollows and Wildlife Conservation in Australia CSIRO Publishing
  • 1998 Conservation Biology for the Australian Environment Surrey Beatty and Sons
  • 1996 Wildlife and Woodchips: Leadbeater's Possum as a Testcase of Sustainable Forestry University of New South Wales Press
  • 1995 The Risk of Extinction: Ranking Management Options for Leadbeater's Possum Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies

In addition, Lindenmayer has edited and contributed chapters to:

  • 2013 Biodiversity and Environmental Change: Monitoring, Challenges and Direction CSIRO Publishing
  • 2012 Land Use Intensification. Effects on Agriculture, Biodiversity and Ecological Processes CSIRO Publishing
  • 2012 Biodiversity Monitoring in Australia CSIRO Publishing
  • 2010 Temperate Woodland Conservation and Management. CSIRO Publishing
  • 2008 10 Commitments: Reshaping the Lucky Country’s Environment CSIRO Publishing
  • 2007 Managing and Designing Landscapes for Conservation: Moving from Perspectives to Principles Blackwell Publishing
  • 2003 Towards Forest Sustainability Island Press
  • 2003 Australia Burning: Fire Ecology, Policy and Management Issues CSIRO Publishing


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