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David Rennie (born 1971)[1] is a British journalist. He is a columnist for The Economist, where until September 2017 he served as the Lexington columnist (Farewell Lexington column). He is currently Washington bureau chief.[2] He is the son of Sir John Rennie, a former 'C' (i.e., Director) of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).[3]


David Rennie started his career at the Evening Standard, where he worked from 1992 until 1996.[4] He then went to work for The Daily Telegraph in London, before joining their foreign staff, being posted to Sydney (1998), Beijing (1998 to 2002), Washington, (2002–2005) and Brussels (2005-07).[4] From 2006 until 2007 he was also a contributing editor at The Spectator.[4]

Rennie joined The Economist in 2007, writing the Charlemagne column on EU affairs from Brussels,[5] before moving to London, where he wrote the Bagehot column (focusing on British politics).[6] In 2010, he received the UACES/Thomson Reuters "Reporting Europe" award.[2][7] Following the death of Peter David in 2012 he moved to Washington, DC to serve as the magazine's Lexington columnist.[2][8]


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