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David Seabury (1885 – 1 April 1960) was an American psychologist, author, and lecturer. While practicing as a consulting psychologist in New York City, he published fifteen books. He founded the Centralist School of Psychology, was the founder and president of the David Seabury School of Psychology, and was president of the Seabury University of Adult Education. In 1923 he married feminist journalist Florence Guy Woolston.


  • Unmasking Our Minds (1924)
  • What Makes Us Seem So Queer (1934)
  • How to Worry Successfully (1936)
  • The Art of Selfishness (1937)
  • Build Your Own Future (1938)
  • Adventures in Self-Discovery (1938)
  • How to Get Things Done (with Alfred Uhler, 1938)
  • Why We Love and Hate (1939)
  • How Jesus Heals Our Minds Today (1941)
  • High Hopes for Low Spirits (1955)
  • The Art of Living Without Tension (1958)


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