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David S. Shapira is an American businessman. He serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Giant Eagle, Inc.[1] He joined the company in 1971 and has been President and CEO since 1980.[2] He has also been involved in philanthropic causes.[3] Until 2009, he was the chairman of Carnegie Mellon University's Board of Trustees.[2]

In 1982, he co-founded Phar-Mor with Michael I. Monus [4]

In 2012, his daughter Laura Karet took over as CEO for private company Giant Eagle, Inc.

Member of the board of Directors of Equitable Resources, Inc. (NYSE: EQT)[3] A Pennsylvania natural gas and oil company with emphasis on the Appalachian area.

He received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in 1963 and an MA in Economics from Stanford University.[3]


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