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David Wikander (21 July 1884 – 15 November 1955), was a Swedish musicologist, organist and composer.

Born in Säfsnäs parish in Dalarna, Wikander was organist at Stockholm's Storkyrkan.[1] He arranged many traditional songs of the Dalarna region.[2]

Wikander died in Stockholm at the age of 71.

Works, editions, recordings[edit]



  1. ^ Musical opinion - Volume 99 ;Volume 99 1975 -- Page 42 "To the average organist, David Wikander is perhaps Sweden's most accessible composer. Wikander (1884-1955) was organist at Stockholm's Storkirche, and represents Swedish organ music at its best. His works include a Sonata (1944), "
  2. ^ Duane R. Karna Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal 2012 Page 250 "Kristallen den Fina. .. The one given here is by David Wikander (1884–1955) in the style of the late national-romantic period, in places almost presaging the impending close harmony tradition. The verbal style is poetic and old-fashioned, with a touch of the folksy .."