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David Zaffiro is a guitarist, singer, and record producer.


David Zaffiro began his musical pursuits with friends he met in Seattle, Washington. Assisting the formation of the band Topaz and later The Crystal City Rockers. His professional career began as guitarist for the metal band Bloodgood. Though he officially left the band following their third album, he did play various parts on later albums. He then began producing records independently and for others. Artists that he has worked with include Acquire the Fire, Andy Chrisman, A Worship House, Brett Williams, Broken Silence, Eli, End Time Warriors, Holy Soldier, Julie Miller, Kate Miner, Kim Hill, Little Big Town, The Passion Worship Band, Paul Q-Pek, Point of Grace, Whitecross, Zion.


With Bloodgood[edit]

  • Bloodgood (1986, Frontline Records)
  • Detonation (1987 Frontline)
  • Rock In a Hard Place (1988 Frontline)


  • The Other Side (1989, Alarma Records)
  • In Scarlett Storm (1990, Intense Records)
  • Surrender Absolute (1992, Frontline)
  • Yesterday's Left Behind (1994, Frontline)


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