Davidson Glacier

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Davidson Glacier
Davidson Glacier1994 2008.jpg
Type Valley glacier
Location Haines Borough, Alaska, U.S.
Coordinates 59°04′54″N 135°28′21″W / 59.08167°N 135.47250°W / 59.08167; -135.47250Coordinates: 59°04′54″N 135°28′21″W / 59.08167°N 135.47250°W / 59.08167; -135.47250
Area 4.6 miles (7.4 km)
Terminus Moraine/lake
Status Retreating

The Davidson Glacier is a large valley glacier near Haines, Alaska that finds its source in the Chilkat Range.


The Davidson Glacier was originally discovered by 1867[1] and was recounted by John Muir in his famous travels in and around Glacier Bay in 1879. The glacier was, at that time, a glacier that nearly reached tidewater.[2] It has since receded into the mountains and created its very own glacial lake in the glacier's moraine (similar to the Mendenhall Glacier and lake) about one mile inland from the Chilkat Inlet.

Current status[edit]

Currently, the Davidson Glacier serves as a tourist attraction for Haines. While not actually located on the Chilkat Peninsula, tour operators boat or kayak tourists over to the glacier and then drive or hike them from the shore to the glacier on a road constructed for tourists' use.

Davidson Glacier from Kalhagu Cove, 24 August 2011
Davidson Glacier, 24 August 2011

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