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Davies Turner & Co Ltd.
Transport & Distribution Company[1]
Industry Shipping
Founded 1870 United Kingdom
Headquarters London, England[2]
Website http://www.daviesturner.co.uk

Davies Turner is an international Freight Forwarding company, based in the United Kingdom and founded in 1870.[3] With a head office in London, other branches are in Dartford, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool (which also has a dedicated case making facility), Southampton, Bristol, Bridgend, Rotherham, an Irish office in Dublin and an international moving division, DT Moving based in Mitcham.[4]

The company was founded in 1870 by Alfred Davies who later became a Member of Parliament from Carmarthen parliamentary constituency. The annual turnover of Davies Turner is estimated to be 145 million Euros.[5] The Dartford office is situated virtually underneath the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge whilst the Manchester branch is located next to Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. Other Branches can be found in Bristol (Avonmouth), Birmingham (Coleshill and Hams Hall), Glasgow and Dublin.

The joint managing directors, Michael and Phillip Stephenson claim, in press releases, that the company is the largest independent freight forwarding company in Great Britain.[6]


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