Davis Warner Infallible

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Infallible Automatic Pistol
TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of origin United States
Production history
ManufacturerDavis-Warner Arms Corp
No. built7,000
Cartridge.32 ACP
Feed system6 Round Box Magazine

The Infallible Pistol was a .32 ACP calibre handgun manufactured by the Davis-Warner Arms Corp during the early 20th century.

When Warner Arms Co. could no longer get the Schwarzlose Model 1908 pistols from Germany, they had .32 pocket pistols made in the United States in three variations. the front sights and the grips that there was a conscious effort to imitate the outline of the Schwarzlose.

The guns were called the "Davis-Warner Infallible", and their trademark was "Blocks the Sear", a reference to the way the safety worked. Unlike the Schwarzlose M1908, the Davis-Warner guns are fairly conventional, striker fired, blowbacks, using a breechblock rather than a slide, though, since Browning had patented the idea of an auto pistol slide with an integral breechblock.

They had one serious drawback. at the back of the guns, it has a small lever, the other a push through pin. If the shooter disassembled the pistol and forgot the turn that lever the right way, or forgot to push the pin all the way in, the breechblock would be stopped only by a small projection and could come back in his face. The guns were not "infallible" and the company soon went out of business.