Davud Pasha (governor of Egypt)

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For other people named Davud Pasha, see Davud Pasha (disambiguation).
This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Davud is the given name, the title is Pasha, and there is no family name.

Davud Pasha (sometimes spelled Da'ud Pasha; died September 1549) was an Ottoman statesman who was the Ottoman governor of Egypt from April 1538 to September 1549.[1][2]

He was a good friend of his predecessor of the office, Hadım Suleiman Pasha, who helped him get the position. The two men shared a long-standing feud with Rüstem Pasha.[1]

Davud Pasha died in office in September 1549, after holding the Egypt governorship for over 11 years.[2]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Hadım Süleyman Pasha
Ottoman Governor of Egypt
April 1538 – September 1549
Succeeded by
Lala Kara Mustafa Pasha
as acting Governor