Dayna Tortorici

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Dayna Tortorici
Born1989 (age 30–31)
United States
OccupationWriter, editor of n+1
Alma materBrown University

Dayna Tortorici (born 1990) is an American writer. As of 2016, she is the co-editor of the literary magazine n+1.[1][2]


After graduating from Brown University in 2011,[3] where she wrote for The College Hill Independent, Tortorici joined n+1 as a staff writer and eventually an editor.[4] In addition to her work on the magazine, she co-edited the n+1 essay collection What Was the Hipster?: A Sociological Investigation[4][5] and edited No Regrets, a 2013 n+1 book in which 13 women discuss literature.[6][7]


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