Days of War, Nights of Love

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For the Papa Roach album, see Days of War, Nights of Love (album).
Days of War, Nights of love
Days of war nights of love.jpg
Author Anonymous
Cover artist PFMAG
Country United States
Language English
Subject anarchism, anti-authoritarianism, radicalism, illegalism
Genre philosophy, politics, lifestyle, self-help
Publisher CrimethInc.
Publication date
August 2000
Pages 292 pages
ISBN 0-9709101-0-X
OCLC 50573500
Followed by Recipes for Disaster

Days of War, Nights of Love is a collection of political, social and philosophical essays written and published by anarchist collective CrimethInc..[1] Most essays advocate the fight for personal freedom, alternate choices and lifestyles. Some of the book is devoted to the criticism of capitalism, statism, and mass-consumerism, arguing that these things dehumanize the individual and decrease the general quality of life. Published in 2000, by the CrimethInc. ex-Workers' Collective, many of the writings contained therein are currently available free online.

Likewise, a "copyright" statement in the book allows for the book to be redistributed freely:

English language (and all applications thereof) used without permission from its inventors, writers, and copywriters. No rights reserved. All parts of this book may be reproduced and transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, especially including photocopying if it is done at the expense of some unsuspecting corporation. Other recommended methods include broadcasting reading over pirate radio, reprinting tracts in unwary newspapers, and just signing your own name to this and publishing it as your own work. Any claim relating to copyright infringement, advocation of illegal activities, defamation of character, incitement to riot, treason, etc. should be addressed directly to your Congressperson as a military rather than civil issue.

— Days of War, Nights of Love, page 4

The title of the book references Days and Nights of Love and War, by Eduardo Galeano, a book about political struggle in Latin America.


Days of War has been translated into Icelandic as Dansað Á Ösku Daganna (image),[2] and is in the process of being translated into Czech, Portuguese, and Polish.


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