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DeWayne McKinney was an ATM entrepreneur and wrongfully convicted and imprisoned man.

Murder trial[edit]

McKinney was found guilty of the 1980 Orange County, Calif., killing of Burger King manager Walter Horace Bell Jr. After four employees identified him in court as the gunman, he was sent to prison in 1981.


McKinney was released in January 2000 when new evidence was revealed that exonerated him. Two other men admitted their guilt for the crime and two of the eyewitnesses that identified him as the gunman recanted their testimonies.

Leaving prison after more than 19 years, he received a $1,000,000 settlement from his wrongful conviction lawsuit.[1]

Business career[edit]

He invested his money in becoming an ATM owner in the Los Angeles area. While visiting Hawaii on vacation, he noticed a need in the market for more ATMs to serve the tourism industry. He became the second largest owner of ATMs in Hawaii.


He died October 7, 2008, at the age of 47, in a motor vehicle accident in Honolulu, HI.[2]

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