Dierenpark de Oliemeulen

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Dierenpark De Oliemeulen
The Oliemeulen zoo
Date opened1987[1]
LocationTilburg, Netherlands
Coordinates51°34′15″N 5°03′43″E / 51.5708549°N 5.062058°E / 51.5708549; 5.062058Coordinates: 51°34′15″N 5°03′43″E / 51.5708549°N 5.062058°E / 51.5708549; 5.062058
Annual visitors45,0000 (2003)[2]

Dierenpark De Oliemeulen (Zoo The Oliemeulen) is a small zoo in Tilburg, Netherlands that describes itself as "the strangest zoo in the Netherlands".[3]

The zoo opened in an old farmhouse in 1987. It was initially just a reptile house, but was expanded in 1992 to include mammals such as monkeys and raccoons, and birds including parrots and birds of prey.[1]


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