De Schreeuw

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De Schreeuw in 2012

Coordinates: 52°21′34″N 4°55′20″E / 52.35944°N 4.92222°E / 52.35944; 4.92222 De Schreeuw (The Cry) is a sculpture in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam that commemorates the assassinated Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh.

Theo van Gogh was assassinated on 2 November 2004 in the Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam, just a few steps away from the Oosterpark. The assassin was Mohammed Bouyeri.

The stainless steel sculpture is 4.5 metres high. It was made by Jeroen Henneman, symbolises freedom of speech and shows how Theo Van Gogh was made speechless. One side shows a profile of Theo van Gogh, crying with his mouth wide open. The other side shows him with his mouth closed. The artwork is located at the edge of the Oosterpark, so it can be seen by many people. It was unveiled on Sunday 18 March 2007. Accompanied by friends, relatives and others, the Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen spoke some words of remembrance, and there were songs (chansons) written by Van Gogh. Hans Teeuwen, a good friend of the film-maker, concluded the gathering with a protest song in favour of freedom of speech.


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