De Bonte Wever

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De Bonte Wever

De Bonte Wever (formerly De Smelt) is a sports arena located in Assen, Netherlands.

De venue opened in the 1970s with a 400-meter speed skating track. Later an ice hockey hall was added. In the early 1990s the city of Assen became the owner of the sports complex. The speed skating track became semi-indoors and a subtropic swimming pool was added. In 2009 De Smelt was bought by Jan Smit, who changed the name to De Bonte Wever. In 2010 a hotel was built near the complex.


Track records[edit]

Coordinates: 52°59′00″N 6°32′27″E / 52.983254°N 6.540792°E / 52.983254; 6.540792