Dead Bees records

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Dead Bees records
Founded 2003
Founder Seb Wood
Seb Duclos
Genre Indie rock
Country of origin France flag France
Location Toulouse
Official website Dead Bees records Website

Dead Bees records is an independent record label, with a roster of indie rock artists and bands.


Dead Bees was started in 2003 by two French Toulouse-based musicians, Seb Wood (from Call Me Loretta) and Seb Duclos (from The Nova Express, Fuck Buddies), under the terms of an unincorporated association. [1]

The label was named after a quote from Howard Hawks' movie To Have and Have Not: Was you ever bit by a dead bee?.

The label was initially intended to release Call Me Loretta's or The Nova Express' debut recordings. But Dead Bees soon expanded its scope by importing or promoting international acts. Dead Bees was for instance the first French label to work along with Bomp, The Committee to Keep Music Evil and Celluloid Dreams to bring The Brian Jonestown Massacre to the French audience.[2]

Over the years Dead Bees added numerous French, U.S. or English artists to its roster.[3]

In 2014 was created Black Bees Records, the African division of Dead Bees Records. The first reference was Nigerian band Laïka's first album.[4]

Dead Bees Records also gained fame thanks to their yearly record sampler, released through creative commons license.[5]

Their releases are available on, in selected record shops and on major European festivals like Primavera Sound Festival and la route du rock.


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