Dead Eagle Owl

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Dead Eagle Owl
Édouard Manet - Toter Uhu.jpg
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions97 cm × 64 cm (38 in × 25 in)
LocationFoundation E.G. Buhrle, Zurich

Dead Eagle Owl (French: Le Grand-duc) is an 1881 oil-on-canvas painting by Édouard Manet. One of the very few hunting still lifes in Manet's oeuvre, it depicts a dead Eurasian eagle-owl hanging upside down on a board as a hunting trophy. Dead Eagle Owl is one of a series of comparable still lifes that Manet painted in the same year in Versailles, during his recuperation from a serious illness. There are precedents for this morbid work in French still-life painting of the 18th century and Dutch still-life painting of the 17th century (i.e. Chardin and Weenix). The painting is in the collection of the Foundation E.G. Bührle in Zürich.


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