Dead Hooker in a Trunk

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Dead Hooker in a Trunk
Dead Hooker in a Trunk FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska
Produced by Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska
Loyd Bateman
Donald Charge
Agnes Soska
Marius Soska
Mary Ann Van Graven
Written by Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska
Starring Jen Soska
Sylvia Soska
Rikki Gagne
CJ Wallis
Carlos Gallardo
Music by CJ Wallis
Cinematography Loyd Bateman
CJ Wallis
Edited by CJ Wallis
Distributed by IFC
Release date
  • April 20, 2009 (2009-04-20)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Budget $2,500

Dead Hooker in a Trunk is a 2009 Canadian exploitation horror film starring, written, produced and directed by twin sisters Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska, also known as the Soska sisters.[1] The film is their feature film directorial debut and is distributed by IFC.[2][3][4][5] The film features music by a variety of local Vancouver acts such as Craig James, Fake Shark - Real Zombie! and CJ Wallis.


Badass (Sylvia Soska), Geek (Jen Soska), and Badass’s friend, Junkie (Rikki Gagne), pick up Goody Two-Shoes (CJ Wallis) from his church youth group. Afterwards, they plan to purchase drugs for Badass and Junkie. They discover the dead body of a hooker in the trunk of the car. Badass and Junkie had been partying the previous night, and do not recall if they killed her. They decide to dispose of the body.

They stay the night at a motel for free, after convincing the motel owner that the hooker is alive and will exchange sex for the room. Geek calls the police to shift responsibility for the corpse onto the motel owner. The police question Badass, but offer to let her go in exchange for sexual favors. She knocks them out, handcuffs them together naked, and leaves. She and Geek argue,[further explanation needed] and Badass knocks her out with a punch to the face.

They purchase drugs and use them to pass the time until it is dark enough to transport the body. A street gang assaults the dealer’s house, targeting Junkie and the dealer. Badass hears the fighting from outside the house. She rescues Junkie and shoots everyone else inside. Geek tries to call the cops, but an unidentified figure knocks out her right eye with a baseball bat. The four friends escape in their car.

They stop to look at a map. Junkie's arm, which was seriously injured in the fight, is torn off by a passing semi-truck. Goody Two-Shoes is able to sew it back on, and Geek’s empty eye socket is covered with an ‘X’ of electrical tape. They try to bury the hooker, but she sits up, alive. Badass instinctively hits her in the head with a shovel, killing her. Frightened and unnerved, they flee the scene.

The next day, they are attacked by the hooker’s pimp. Badass kills him. Geek and Badass have another argument,[further explanation needed] and the four friends separate. Badass drops off Junkie at a hospital. Geek and Goody Two-Shoes take separate cabs, but both end up at the hooker’s house. They rescue the hooker’s dog, and learn about a serial killer who has been murdering prostitutes. Retrieving Junkie from the hospital, they meet Badass at the hooker's house. They see someone who matches the killer’s description and they capture him. Geek and Badass torture him to death with power tools.

The man they kill is not the serial killer, however. The real serial killer is revealed to be Goody Two-Shoes’ priest. He was maimed by a botched circumcision, leaving him with a forked penis. A frequent user of prostitutes, he was enraged by their reactions to his deformity, and killed them. He kidnaps and tortures Badass. Geek, Junkie, and Goody Two-Shoes try to rescue her. The priest tries to escape, and they chase him. Geek is knocked to the ground. The priest threatens to rape her empty eye socket, but Badass rescues her twin. They set the priest on fire.

The four friends dispose of the hooker’s body by dumping it into the ocean. Geek and Goody Two-Shoes kiss, and Badass suggests they all deserve a vacation.


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