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For the alternative metal band, see The Deadlights.
Gehenna deadlights.jpg
EP by Gehenna
Released 1996
Recorded Soundsuite Studios,
January - February 1998
Genre Black metal
Length 15:49
Label Moonfog Productions
Producer Gehenna
Gehenna chronology
Adimiron Black

Deadlights is a three song EP by the Norwegian black metal band Gehenna. This ep was released upon their signing to Moonfog Productions. Gehenna released this as a preview of the change in sound of the band. The first track, Deadlights was a song on the upcoming record, Adimiron Black. In Mother's Tomb, the second track, was an outtake from Adimiron Black. The third track, is the original version of Master Satan.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Deadlights" - 5:30
  2. "In Mother's Tomb" - 6:13
  3. "Master Satan" - 4:06


  • Sanrabb - Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Dolgar - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • E.N. Death - Bass
  • Damien - Keyboards
  • Blod - Drums