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Deafness Research UK (The Hearing Research Trust) is the leading national British medical research charity working in the field of deafness. Its main activities are medical research and education.

It was founded as Defeating Deafness in 1985 by the late British Member of Parliament Jack Ashley and his wife Pauline.

The charity aims to encourage and fund research to improve the quality of life for everyone living with deafness and related conditions today, and help prevent and cure these conditions in the future. It also aims to inform, educate, support and influence to ensure that people with deafness and related conditions receive the best possible health care and support wherever they live in the UK, and that people know how to reduce their risk of deafness and related conditions.[1]

The charity offers free help and advice on all aspects of hearing loss, deafness and related conditions. The website has downloadable factsheets on conditions such as tinnitus and glue ear, and related subjects such as genetics and deafness. A free Advisory Service[2] is also available for people who have questions or concerns about hearing health.

The charity's Bionic Ear Show is an interactive show that aims to teach children and adults about how hearing works and how to avoid hearing loss. The show travels around the UK visiting schools, community groups and companies.


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