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Dean Gardens was one of the largest homes in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. At the time of its completion in 1992, the 32,000 square foot, 15 bedroom house was the largest in Atlanta. The former owner, Larry Dean, who made his fortune in software, spent $30 million on its construction, plus $1.5 million a year on its upkeep.[1]


The house was first put up for sale in 1994, two years after its completion. Since that time, it attracted media notoriety for having gone unsold for 17 years. Reasons why it never sold include its so-called, "Liberace-meets-Napoleon design,"[1] which include pink themes, a Moroccan theater, 24-karat-gold sinks, a Hawaiian-art gallery, a 1950s-style dance hall, French Empire-style furniture, 13 fireplaces and a 24-seat dining room with a wall-sized aquarium called, the "Predator Tank."[1]

Dean Gardens was finally sold in 2010 to Tyler Perry, the Atlanta-based entertainment mogul, for $7.6 million, down from its original asking price of $40 million.[1][2] Perry demolished the home to build a more energy-efficient and sustainable residence.[1][3]


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