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Dean Kalimniou (also known as Konstantinos Kalymnios) (Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος Καλυμνιός) is an Australian lawyer, writer of Greek descent.

Early life and education[edit]

Dean Kalimniou was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1977. He studied law and arts, majoring in Modern Greek studies.


As spokesperson for the Panepirotic Federation of Australia, he has consistently raised awareness of the plight of the Northern Epirot Greek minority in Southern Albania, traveling to Albania on many occasions to research the plight of the Northern Epirots. As a journalist, Dean Kalimniou is popular within the Greek community of Australia through his column in the Melbourne Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos (New World),[1] entitled Diatribe, which has been running since 2001, and as a regular columnist in OPA! magazine.

Dean Kalimniou is also a well-known poet and short story writer within the Greek community. He is widely noted as one of the few Australian born Greek poets who produce literature in the Greek language. He has published seven poetry collections Kipos Esokleistos Κῆπος Ἐσώκλειστος ("Garden Enclosed") (2003), Alexipyrina Ἀλεξιπύρινα ("Flameproof") (2004), Apteros Niki Ἄπτερος Νίκη ("Wingless Victory") (2008), Anisixasmos Ἀνησυχασμός (2010), "Plektani" Πλεκτάνη (2012), "Kelyfospastis" Κελυφοσπάστης (2013) and "Motherlands" "Μητρίδες" (2017). His Essays have appeared in such publications as Etchings and Αιολικά Γράμματα. In 2013, Professor Vrasidas Karalis stated that Dean Kalimniou is one of the most significant poets of the world-wide Greek diaspora.

Dean Kalimniou has also translated the following works of prominent Greek-Australian authors from Greek into English:

  • Faye Mangos "A Cry of the Heart" (2004)
  • Nikos Vournazos: "Dancing Solo" (2005)
  • Dionysia Mousoura-Tsoukala: "Words and Memories in Melbourne" (2007)
  • Vakina Panagiotidou: "The Triumph of Tragedy" (2008)[2]
  • Thanassis Papastergiou: "The North Winds Arrived Early" (2010) and "Poems through the Looking Glass" (2010)
  • Sotirios Manolopoulos: "A Migrant's Hopeful Dawn" (2015)

In November 2007, Dean Kalimniou was awarded a Government of Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs by the Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser.[3]

In 2009, Dean Kalimniou wrote the script of the Peter Stephanidis short film: The Message.


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