Dean River

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Dean River
Headwaters of Dean River 3.jpg
Headwaters of Dean River
Country Canada
State British Columbia
Region Coast Mountains, Kitimat Ranges
Source Aktaklin Lake
 - location Ilgachuz Range, Chilcotin Plateau, Canada
 - coordinates 52°13′12″N 124°56′47″W / 52.22000°N 124.94639°W / 52.22000; -124.94639
Mouth Dean Channel
 - location Kimsquit, Canada
 - coordinates 52°48′18″N 126°58′06″W / 52.80500°N 126.96833°W / 52.80500; -126.96833Coordinates: 52°48′18″N 126°58′06″W / 52.80500°N 126.96833°W / 52.80500; -126.96833 [1]
Basin 8,752 km2 (3,379 sq mi) [2]

The Dean River is one of the major rivers of the Kitimat Ranges subrange of the southern Coast Mountains in British Columbia. It begins in the volcanic-shield Ilgachuz Range on the Chilcotin Plateau and winds north around the Rainbow Range to enter Dean Channel[1] at the now-uninhabited, remote community of Kimsquit. It is one of the few rivers to fully penetrate the wall of the Coast Mountains between the Fraser's mouth (near Vancouver) and the mouth of the Skeena River (near Prince Rupert).

The Dean River is known as one of the best fisheries for steelhead in the world.[citation needed]


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