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Deanna Kirk is an American jazz singer-songwriter and recording artist based in New York City. Kirk has released four albums.


Kirk has released one live jazz album, Live at Deanna's, as well as a studio album, Marianna Trench, which featured original songs as well as covers of Leonard Cohen and Sandy Denny songs. Billboard Magazine featured Deanna on their front page as the flagship artist at Blackbird Recording Company. Deanna was featured in People Magazine, the New York Times,[1] Time Out, New York Magazine and many other publications.

Kirk wrote and recorded a second studio album, Where Are You Now for Blackbird/Elektra. She toured North America with Jane Siberry.[citation needed] Kirk has written and recorded songs for film and television soundtracks. Kirk's music has been featured in such television shows as Felicity, Hyperion Bay, and Cupid[clarification needed] and on such movie soundtracks as Down To You and Me Myself I.[clarification needed]

Kirk's third studio album, Beautyway, features all original material.

Personal life[edit]

Kirk was born in Manhattan and grew up in Freeport, Long Island. Her father is a retired Navy Captain and architect and her mother, Anna Maria, teaches voice and performs around the New York region. Kirk is a concert-level pianist and her two sisters are both multi-instrumentalists.



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