Deanna Summers

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Deanna (Dea) Summers
Birth name Deanna Trentham
Origin Mississippi, United States
Genres Popular music
Rock and Roll
Occupation(s) Songwriter
Music publisher
Years active 1957-2008
Labels Silicon Music, BMI
Front Row Records
Capri Records
Tear Drop Records
Charay Records
Enviken Records

Deanna (Dea) Summers (May 30, 1940 in New Albany, MS – February 14, 2017 in Garland, TX) was an American songwriter born in Mississippi. The family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee in 1952 where she attended Kingsbury Jr. High School. She also attended Humes High School[1] before her family relocated to Dallas, Texas. She has been an active member of BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) as both a songwriter and publisher affiliate since 1965. She is co-owner of Silicon Music Publishing and many of her compositions have been recorded by various artists. Her songs and published works have appeared on Capri Records, Tear Drop Records, Charay Records, Mister Rock Records, Enviken Records, Le Cam Records, Country Disco Records, Rollercoaster Records, Primo Records, Crystal Clear Sound Records, Collector Records, Collectable Records, Big Beat Records, Lake County Records, Domino Records, Front Row Records, Maridene Records, Helvis Records, W&G Records, Overtone Records.

In 1977 she wrote "Goodbye Priscilla (Bye Bye Baby Blue)" as a tribute to Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. The song was issued by Tear Drop Records in 1977 and became one of her most popular compositions. The "Goodbye Priscilla" 45 is now a much sought-after collectible and has been issued on several Elvis "tribute" compilation albums and CDs. She later met with Priscilla Presley and personally presented her with a copy of the original 45rpm record. When "Goodbye Priscilla" was first released in 1977 there was some confusion about which Priscilla it was written for-Priscilla Presley or Priscilla Davis who was a main character in the famous Cullen Davis Murder Trials. In his book "Blood Will Tell-The Murder Trials Of Cullen Davis" author Gary Cartwright credits the song (page 199) as referring to Priscilla Davis. However, this song was written solely for Priscilla Presley as a tribute to Elvis.

Summers was profiled in the Dictionary of International Biography (1982 Edition published by IBC Cambridge). She is also profiled in Songwriter's Market (1979–Present) published by Writer's Digest Books.


Writer; Songwriter; Music Publisher. Career includes; Co-Founder, Silicon Music Publishers, 1965; Secretary, Silicon Music/Domino Records; First published work, "My Yearbook, 1965; Co-Founder, Domino Records, 1968; Co-Founder, Front Row Records, 1976; First commercial recordings as an artist, 1976 including "Ballad Of Moon Dog Mayne, 1976; "Do You Think I'm Sexy", 1979. Member, Broadcast Music. Inc. (writer and publisher affiliate), 1965–Present; European promotional tours, 1980–Present; Recorded works distributed worldwide; Compositions include: "Ballad Of Moondog Mayne"; "Baby Please Tell Me Why"; "Crazy Cat Corner"; ""Domino"; "Don't Let Me Down Baby"; "Goodbye Priscilla (Bye Bye Baby Blue)"; "Honey Your Mind's Working Overtime"; "Hot Pants"; "I Love A Mystery"; "Just Together"; "Long Story Song"; "My Yearbook"; "Rat Fink"; "Rockin' Fever"; "So"; "Still The Grand Ole Opry Queen"; "Who Stole The Marker (From The Grave Of Bonnie Parker)"; Co-Producer of Domino/Front Row recording sessions; Honors include: Award, Silicon Music Publishers for Distribution and Outstanding Promotions Of "Grand Ole Opry Queen" from Pittman Publications, Alabama.


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