Death Sentence (1968 film)

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Death Sentence
Death Sentence FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Mario Lanfranchi
Produced by Sandro Bolchi
Alberto Puccini
Screenplay by Mario Lanfranchi
Starring Robin Clarke
Richard Conte
Enrico Maria Salerno
Adolfo Celi
Tomas Milian
Music by Gianni Ferrio
Cinematography Antonio Secchi
Edited by Franco Attenni
B.L. Vision
Distributed by International Film Company
Release date
  • 1 January 1968 (1968-01-01)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Death Sentence (Italian: Sentenza di morte) is a 1968 spaghetti western directed by Mario Lanfranchi and starring Richard Conte.[1]


The rancher Diaz, the gambler Montero, the hypocrite clergyman Baldwin and the mentally distorted rover O'Hara are all former bandits. Young Clash has unfinished business with this lot and for each single one he conceives a tailored trap which turns their individual preferences against them until they are all put down.



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