Deathmaze 5000

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Deathmaze 5000
Deathmaze 5000 (Cover).jpg
Publisher(s)Med Systems Software
Programmer(s)Frank Corr, Jr.[1]
Platform(s)TRS-80, Apple II
Genre(s)Survival Edit this on Wikidata

Deathmaze 5000 is TRS-80 computer game written by Frank Corr, Jr. and published by Med Systems Software in 1980.[1] It was ported to the Apple II and followed by the second game in the Continuum series, Labyrinth.


Deathmaze 5000 is a first-person graphic adventure in which the player begins on the top floor of a 5 story building and moves through labyrinthine hallways, with a goal of escaping before starving to death.[3] The adventurer must fight monsters, collect objects, and solve puzzles.[2]


Russ Williams reviewed Deathmaze 5000 in The Space Gamer No. 47.[3] Williams commented that "Deathmaze 5000 is an excellent game which will not be solved in a few weeks. If you like the prospect of a game that could last you for a very long time, get it. It's better than many [more expensive] games I've seen, both in price and in gaming value."[3]


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