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Deb Baker (born 1953) is an American mystery writer from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, who has created three mystery series.

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Deb Baker writes American mystery fiction. She has written two series under her own name. The Dolls To Die For series features a Phoenix, Arizona doll collecting club and member Gretchen Birch, who solves murders with her new age Aunt Nina while sharing a doll restoration business with her mother. Baker also wrote the humorous Yooper/backwoods mysteries centering on a fictitious town in the Michigan Upper Peninsula where Gertie Johnson, mother of the local sheriff, solves murders the old fashioned way with friends Cora Mae and Kitty. Using the pen name Hannah Reed, she writes the Queen Bee mystery series about Story Fischer, a Wisconsin beekeeper.

Baker lived in Gladstone, Michigan before moving to De Pere, Wisconsin where she graduated from East De Pere High School. She earned a degree in English with emphasis on creative writing from the University of Wisconsin and began her writing career. She currently resides in North Lake, Wisconsin.

Baker’s first novel, Murder Passes the Buck (2006), was based on her personal experience in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. The colorful characters she created won her the Authorlink International First Novelist Award [1] in the mystery category, then went on to win Best of Show.


As Deb Baker[edit]

Gertie Johnson[edit]

  1. Murder Passes the Buck
  2. Murder Grins and Bears It
  3. Murder Talks Turkey
  4. Murder Bites the Bullet
  5. Cooking Can Be Murder
  6. Gertie Johnson Boxed Set

Gretchen Birch Murder Mysteries[edit]

  1. Dolled Up For Murder
  2. Goodbye Dolly
  3. Dolly Departed
  4. Guise and Dolls (originally published as Ding Dong Dead)
  5. Gretchen Birch Boxed Set'

As Hannah Reed[edit]

Queen Bee Mysteries[edit]

  1. Buzz Off (2010)
  2. Mind Your Own Beeswax (2011)
  3. Plan Bee (2012)
  4. Beeline to Trouble (2012)
  5. Beewitched (2013)


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