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Southern outlet of the lake

Debar Lake (Macedonian: Дебарско Езеро, romanizedDebarsko Ezero; Albanian: Liqeni i Dibrës) is an artificial lake in the western portion of the Republic of North Macedonia near the town of Debar after which it is named.[1] A dam at Špilje blocks the Black Drin, the second longest river in the country.

Lake Debar has a surface area of 13.2 km² and is thus among the largest lakes in North Macedonia. It is 92 metres deep and sits at an altitude of 580 Metres above the Adriatic. It was created between 1966 and 1968, after the existing dam at Špilje was raised to 102 metres.


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Coordinates: 41°29′37″N 20°30′18″E / 41.4936°N 20.5050°E / 41.4936; 20.5050