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Founded Austin, Texas (2004)
Headquarters Austin, Texas
Key people
Bo Holland, Founder and CEO
Website [3]

Debix is a credit monitoring service based out of Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 2004 and reports to have protected over 800,000 consumers since. Debix provides data breach solutions for organizations as well as consumer protection through its OnCall Credit Monitoring. Major clients include Health Net, AvMed, and the University of Maine.[1] In 2010, Debix was recognized as an AlwaysOn Global 250 winner "signifying leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players in the Global Silicon Valley".[2]

Debix was chosen by Sony to provide 1 year of AllClear ID identity protection services to customers affected by the system breach it suffered in April 2011.[3]


Debix was founded in 2004 by Bo Holland. After working in the financial industry, Holland used his knowledge of how banks and institutions handled credit requests to create Debix’s identity protection network.[4] Holland was previously founder and CEO of Works, Inc., which was acquired by Bank of America in 2005. Works is an electronic payment solutions provider, and Holland invented the patent-pending technology that enables large organizations to approve and control payments for operating expenses via credit cards. In July 2011, Debix was granted U.S. Patent No. 7,983,979 for multi-band, multi-factor authentication design.[5]

OnCall Credit Monitoring[edit]

Debix’s OnCall Credit Monitoring uses patented technology to offer credit report monitoring to its customers. This means that whenever someone applies for credit in a customer’s name, a confirmation call is placed.[6] Once called, the Debix customer can either confirm the credit request or report it as fraud. If fraud is reported, the customer is connected to a fraud investigator.[7] Consumers can use credit monitoring services to monitor credit history including new accounts and inquires into opening new accounts, to verify whether the transactions are fraudulent or not.

AllClear ID[edit]

In April 2011, Debix introduced AllClear ID, the first free identity theft protection service for families. AllClear ID offers a free service which monitors data for stolen personal information and provides free identity repair in addition to a premium product.[8] In a recent study, AllClear ID Pro was ranked second overall, with Identity Guard placing first.[9] In the category of Restoration, AllClear ID tied for first alongside Identity Force and Royal.[10]